Although eTarget is designed to be used without any technical knowledge, you may need advise to optimize its potential.

From increasing your return on investment to improving your communication efficiency, our consulting sessions are based on what you want to achieve. To do so, we focus on several key points :

  • How to build your contact list?
  • How to keep a clean and up to date contact list?
  • How to segment your contact list?
  • How to increase the opening rate ?
  • How to avoid to be taken as a spam?
  • How often and when should you send e-mails?
  • How to gain time and efficiency?
  • How to generate sales through your e-mails?
  • How to get more and more information about each contact/customer?
  • How to set up a profitable relationship with your contacts?
  • We also answer specifics questions related to your own objectives.

Well performed e-mails campaigns can increase your revenues and enhance your company's or organisation's image. Build up a relationship with your contacts make them more aware of what you have to offer, regardless whether it is products, services or simply pure information.

Our main aim is to improve the success of your campaigns! So don't hesitate to contact us for more information regarding our consulting sessions.