Designed for small to medium business owners. All you need to start a marketing campaign quickly and easily.


Low cost, low risk

Say goodbye to complexity. With our visual system, you can send emails to customers and get a beneficial impact on your business right away. With our payment model, the cost of success is dramatically low, unlike lifetime marketing solutions that require huge investments. The benefits of saving money in email marketing include:

  • Provides more frequent customer contact, which translates into higher profits.
  • Eliminates printing, postage, or advertising costs.

Why eTarget is the right answer for your business

Emails are fast becoming the most popular way of communication between buyers and companies in doing business. The key to changing first customers to returning customers is building relationships. Marketing benefits of email marketing include:

  • Assistance in building relationships with existing and future customers.
  • You can evaluate results in real time without having to wait weeks to receive an email with the results.
  • Check out different offers, email copy, and price. Then send right away with the most effective attributes.
  • Allows you to shape future emails using learned information about open and viewed email data.